Mental Health

Mental Health Services
Provides an array of services to individuals and families in response to the mental health needs in the area. Our services include, but are not limited to: diagnostic assessments, psychological testing, court ordered evaluations, medication management, domestic abuse, neuropsychological evaluations, adult rehab (ARMHS), ICRS, targeted case management, adult community support, day treatment, The Novel Cup, homeless intervention, in-home therapy, in-home skills building, group therapy, school based therapy, children's case management, North Star Summer, emergency/crisis, CMH Training, early childhood, adult foster care, NWA Stabilization Site, community training and disaster preparedness.
Agency: Northwestern Mental Health Center
Contact: 218.281.3940
Crisis Hotline: 1.800.282.5005

Mental Health Services
Mental Health services such as intervention, maintenance and support of mentally ill persons. A social worker can provide services to an adult with a serious and persistent mental illness. If eligible, services may include:

  • Information and referral
  • Case Management: referral for placement
  • Pre-Petition Screening: screens all individuals who are being petitioned for civil commitment
  • Assist families with parenting difficulties, Child behavioral issues, Minor parents, and families with emotionally disturbed children

Agency: Polk County Social Services
Contact: 218.281.3127

Children’s Mental Health Case Management Services
Polk County Social Services provides Children’s Mental Health Case Management services. These services are intended to assist children and youth 0-17 years old, with a severe emotional disorder. Under some circumstances, through age 20, via approved transition planning.
Agency: Polk County Social Services
Contact: 218.281.3127

Win-E-Mac School-Based Mental Health Services
Provides on-site children’s mental health services at Win-E-Mac School.
Agency: Win-E-Mac School in contract with Northwestern Mental Health Center
Contact: 218.563.2900 or 218.687.2236