Chemical Dependency

Substance Abuse Services and Chemical Dependency Services are provided by several community providers. These services may include the following:

Alcohol & Drug Abuse - Rule 25
Rule 25 refers to the administrative rule that addresses chemical use assessment, administrative requirements, and appeal and fair hearing rights of the client. Clients who meet both clinical and financial requirements are eligible to have treatment paid for by the Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund. Rule 25 assessments are completed by the Northwestern Mental Health Center and then passed on to Polk County Social Services.
Agency: Northwestern Mental Health Center
Contact: 218.281.3940

Chemical Dependency Services
Chemical Dependency services which include assessments, recommendations for services and support for chemically dependent persons. Polk County, MN residents may request a chemical dependency (CD) assessment when they are experiencing problems at home, work, in the family or community due to their use of alcohol or drugs.
Agency: Polk County Social Services
Contact: 218.281.3127

Financial Assistance for Treatment Services
For those who qualify, there is assistance to pay for substance abuse treatment.
Agency: Polk County Social Services
Contact: 218.281.3127

Hair Follicle Drug Testing
Hair testing analyzes a hair sample for parent drugs and their metabolites. A hair specimen, collected from an individual's head (or body), is sent to the laboratory and is screened for illicit substances.
Agency: Polk County Public Health
Contact: 218.281.3385

Recovery Services
RiverView Recovery Center offers an extensive list of outpatient programs that allow patients the ability to receive high-caliber clinical care while maintaining commitments to work, family and home. Outpatient services are offered at all of RiverView Recovery’s locations: Crookston, East Grand Forks, Roseau and Thief River Falls.
Agency: RiverView Recovery Center
Contact: 218.281.9200

Medication Disposal
The following agencies will accept outdated and unused prescription medication.

Cessation - Help to stop smoking!
Tools to help you stop tobacco use and smoking.
Agency: QuitLine
Contact: 1.888.354.7526